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Chautauqua Amphitheater

Chautauqua, NY

Completed 2017

Pursuing LEED Silver


The Chautauqua Amphitheater is the heart of Chautauqua Institution physically, programmatically, and emotionally.  The Amp functions as the communities most important place for assembly around Arts, Culture and Worship. It has been the community's icon and central gathering space since its construction in 1883 and remains so 135 years later. 


To ensure this venue continues to serve for many generations to come the Chautauqua community has embraced the responsibility for and opportunity to rebuild the amphitheater its surrounding infrastructure and landscape such that it will remain the center of community life and primary venue that supports its mission.

The strains of age have conspired with size and configuration to present many challenges for this 19th century building to provide 21st century programs. To satisfy both current and future needs, the facility’s renewal will address goals of:

-Amphitheater as the heart of Chautauqua
-Connects Bestor Plaza and the lake front
-Communal experiences of engagement

-Multi-purpose facility to serve multiple purposes daily
-Embrace technology of today and adapt for tomorrows
-Efficiently manage back-of-house operations
-Welcoming/comfortable for performers, patrons, & presenters

-Access and exiting for all

-Emblematic of the sense of place and the sense of community
-Seek to preserve the value while improving and expanding
it’s capacity, functionality, safety, and accessibility
-Follow the guidelines of the Secretary of the Interior’s
Standard’s for Rehabilitation

-Designed for 10% population growth of Chautauqua

-Project that embraces responsible ecological development

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